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ຮ້ານ ເວນູ ອິງເຈັດ ດີຊາຍ ແອັນ ປຣິ້ນຕີ້ງ ຮັບເຮັດປ້າຍໂຄສະນາທຸກຊະນິດ ລາຄາເປັນກັນເອງ, ເພາະວ່າເຮົາເປັນຜູ້ຜະລິດ, ອອກແບບ ແລະ ເຮັດປ້າຍເອງໂດຍກົງພ້ອມຕິດຕັ້ງ. ງານປ້າຍຂອງເຮົາມີຫຼາຍຮູບແບບເຊັ່ນ: ປ້າຍດ່ວນ, ປ້າຍໂຄງເຫຼັກ, ປ້າຍຕົວອັກສອນໂລຫະ, ປ້າຍອະຄີລິກ, ປ້າຍກ່ອງໄຟ, ປ້າຍແບນເນີ້, ປ້າຍໄວນິວ, ປ້າຍສະຕິກເກີ້, ປ້າຍເອັກສະແຕນ, ປ້າຍອິງເຈັດ, ປ້າຍພາຍໃນອາຄານ, ປ້າຍພາຍນອກອາຄານ, ທຸງຍີ່ປຸ່ນ, ຜະລິດສາກເວທີ,​ ສະຫຼາກໂລໂກ້ ແລະ ງານປ້າຍອື່ນໆ. ສາມາດ ປັບປ່ຽນ ແລະ ແກ້ໄຂຕາມຄວາມຕ້ອງການຂອງລູກຄ້າໄດ້. ສົນໃຈຕິດດຕໍ່ໄດ້ທີ່ເບີ  020 23555333 ຫຼື ເຂົ້າມາພົວພັນເອງໄດ້ທີ່ຮ້ານຂອງເຮົາຕັ້ງຢູ່ ບ້ານ ນາແກ, ເມືອງ ໄກສອນ ພົມວິຫານ, ແຂວງສະຫວັນນະເຂດ.

Welcome to the Venu Inkjet Design & Printing Savannakhet, LAOS. We are signage design company the offer a wide range of services include: Billboard sign, Out door and indoor banner print, Light Box LED, Vehicle Sticker, Restaurant Sign and much more, Also we provide a printing services such as Poster printing, brochure, leaflets and so on,

We are passionate about helping businesses, big and small, to effectively display their brand using custom graphics that can be applied to windows, walls, vehicles, boards and fabrics. We understand that leaving a lasting impression on anyone who views your signage is absolutely key and that is why our service is focused on producing only the highest quality signs, logos and prints.

Our expertise in print and sign making along with our keen eye for design ensures that each and every one of our graphic solutions is perfectly crafted and lovingly produced no matter what specification is thrown at us.

So, if you are after a bespoke graphic solution or want to discuss how we can help you, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you soon….